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Medical tele-consultation is an alternative to the doctor's home visit. With more flexibility of schedules and from the comfort of your home you can request help from our professionals.

Currently telemedicine has a great role due to the pandemic where we have to cope with Covid-19.

Either if you are in need of a consultation with a GP, psychotherapist, prescription re-fill or similar service feel free to contact us:

We will help you in just a few simple steps since tele-consultation can be organized through any platform with end-to-end encryption
Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom)

As you connect to our tele-consultation our experienced agent will retrieve your patient information and transfer you to the available doctor.
You will conduct a videoconferencing consultation with the doctor through your laptop or mobile phone, and the doctor will provide a professional opinion and will indicate the investigations if required.
Our doctors will have instant access to your real-time medical records (if submitted).

Our agent will then assist you with ordering medications, booking X-rays, lab tests or other investigations, place an order for a medication home delivery with convenience and ease.



Starting from 39 EUR 


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